Cooper and Lady Gaga dazzle in film remake



All there has been any sort of social media, and/or the news, is information about the award-winning movie, A Star is Born, and it’s award-winning cast.

The film has been the talk of many people lately, picking up momentum with winning several prestigious awards. The movie is directed by Oscar nominated, Bradley Cooper, and stars both Cooper and Grammy, Golden Globe, and now Oscar Winner Lady Gaga.

The movie is a drama, but it does not lack musical duets from Gaga and Cooper. The two main characters are Ally, played by Gaga, and Jackson Maine played by Cooper.

The musical performances given by Cooper and Gaga range from love songs, to gritty rock songs. Cooper and Gaga have amazing chemistry, which is probably part of the reason that they both received Oscar nominations.

The movie starts out with a performance by character Jackson Maine. It shows his fame and then his crippling addiction to alcohol and drugs. Ally, is a waitress struggling to find fame, and when they first meet is Ally singing in a drag club to get money.

Jackson is infatuated with her voice and is determined to learn more about her. This leads to a meeting between the two, and they immediately click. The movie dives further into their relationship, with Jackson struggling to maintain his fame.

On the other hand, Jackson and Ally’s relationship has made Ally extremely famous and her singing career is thriving. Their relationship goes through many obstacles and they have to work through them together.

The movie is an amazing movie, and completely deserving of all the awards that it has gained through the awards season. From the music to the wrenching acting of Gaga and Cooper, the movie is the story of not only a relationship, but the pressures upon a relationship in the public eye.

The movie is rumored to be based upon the relationship of Old Hollywood actors Colleen May and Tom Foreman. There has been a couple of movies based off of the original A Star is Born from 1937, and each has something new to bring to the audience and generation.

This new rendition of A Star is Born, offers the old tale in a new modern way, starring two of today’s biggest stars in a dramatic and even upsetting romance.