Big East Tournament doesn’t disappoint



Looking for a great atmosphere, entertainment and fun well then the Big East Men’s Basketball tournament is a great event.

The tournament is March 13-16 at Madison Square Garden in New York City and is the last chance for some teams to punch their ticket in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

All the games are win or go home and anything can happen, the best players can score very little but have an unlikely helping hand from an unheralded player.

The crowd can erupt in a matter of seconds to the point where you can barely hear yourself think. During the Villanova vs Providence game Providence went on a 7-0 run to tie it up at 43 and the whole arena came alive and was roaring.

A good option is to buy cheap tickets in the nosebleeds which are seats that are high up and far back, but as the game goes on its easier to move around closer to the court because there are a lot of empty seats closer and it gives you different angle of the game.

Everyone at the event was super nice and knowledgeable, whether it’s a staff member giving you directions or just another fan talking about the game.

Tickets for the tournament are broken into two sessions during the day and at night. There are sessions everyday and a ticket has to be bought for each session.

The Big East is always at Madison Square Garden because it is close for all the teams to travel to and it’s in a neutral site for all teams.

Each game is engaging to the crowd especially later in the week when the best teams are still around playing.

This year in the Marquette vs Seton Hall game  was a battle of amazing point guards and teams with a combined 55 team fouls, 8 technical fouls and 3 ejections. Tempers flared when the Marquette guard shoved the Seton Hall guard out of bounce. This lead to 5 techs and the 3 ejections.

During the game the crowd was loud with barely anyone sitting at all and having the players get the crowd going to give them the advantage. The Big East tournament is the best way to kick off March which is why its called March Madness and anything can happen to any team.

Make sure to get tickets to the electric Big East Men’s basketball Tournament in March at Madison Square Garden.