Warner returns to NHS healthy and motivated



On Tuesday, March 26,  NHS students and staff stood up for the pledge after hearing a voice that they have not heard in months.

Principal Warner returned to NHS after spending months at the University of Colorado Medical Center, recovering from a successful kidney transplant.

“My time in Colorado was good. I used to live and work in Colorado, so I reconnected with some friends, former colleague,” Principal Warner said. “I was close to the hospital, and I made frequent visits.”

After his transplant, Principal Warner said he is ready to return to the school community. He has many plans for the rest of the year here, and he said he is excited to implement them.

He said he plans on working on the education experience for the upperclassman. He really wants their experience to be meaningful, and something that they can take with them for the rest of their lives.

“I hope to reestablish relationships and finish out the school year as strong as we can. It is a good school,” Principal Warner said.

While Principal Warner was absent, several faculty members step in to fill his shoes. Mr. Gibbons, Vice Principal, filled in as the principal. Mrs. Lopes, unified arts, took over some of Gibbons’ duty as the Dean of Students.

The students and staff put in effort to make sure he had a proper send off, such as making a goodbye video for him and wearing the University of Colorado Boulder colors. Now, the students at NHS are just happy to see him back home.

“It is great to have Principal Warner back again, and see him smiling in the hallways,” Leah Hart, sophomore, said.

Principal Warner’s return marks an opportunity for the Mariners to pick up where he left off, and continue his work from before his procedure.