Peele leaves viewers wanting more with movie, “Us”



After scoring 98% freshness on Rotten Tomatoes with Get Out, director Jordan Peele did not disappoint with his new film Us.

Monkeypaw Productions released the film on Fri March 22 and cashed in with a $70 million opening weekend, sitting at #1 in the box office. The film is a must-see for horror fans looking to be entertained with a scare but also a laugh.

Peele certainly presents a creative and interesting storyline filled with symbols, metaphors and underlying messages about society. The audience is left wanting more and pondering the meaning of all of the movie’s events.

The film opens with a young girl named Adelaide [Madison Curry] enjoying a fair with her parents at Santa Cruz Beach. Adelaide wanders off alone to a dark house of mirrors, and ends up face to face with a girl that looks exactly like her.

Years later, adult Adelaide [Lupita Nyong’o] vacations to the same beach with her husband and children, clearly skeptical about returning to the site. She is worried of something bad happening and is particularly scared of encountering her doppelganger whom she has never forgotten.

Gabe [Winston Duke], her husband, tries to reassure her until a strange family appears in the Wilson’s driveway and quickly becomes violent. The Wilson’s are shocked to discover that each member of this violent family looks exactly like one of them.

Particularly impressive was the acting by Nyong’o, Duke, Anna Diop as Zora, and Evan Alex as Jason, who played the Wilsons but also their evil doppelgangers. They successfully provided comic relief as the Wilson’s to balance out the scary mood set by their evil twins.

The movie seamlessly flows between the past and present, relating events from Adelaide’s childhood to the events occuring now.

Peele’s use of music and sound also effectively establishes the mood by switching from pop songs to eery orchestra music.

Most admirable is the great attention to detail and the hidden symbols left for the audience to discover and interpret. While the movie is full of jump-scares and comedy, it also presents compelling messages about society and opens many discussions.

Perhaps the only disappointing aspect of this well-thought out film is the unanswered questions at the end. The viewer is left to connect many dots and decide for themselves what they believe happens next.

Regardless, Us delivers in providing an entertaining, yet thought-provoking story that keeps viewers engaged. Peele’s imaginative mind succeeded in living up to Get Out and fans should certainly be excited for his next work.