Dedicated to the arts: Mrs. Gabrilowitz



Lauren Gabrilowitz has been a dedicated art teacher at Narragansett for over 20 years because she loves teaching students.  

She has been working with art and students for 20 years and has no retirement plans for the near future. Gabrilowitz has many years of experience teaching ceramics and art.

“I like to work with teens because I like to see them go from young children to young adults,”Gabrilowitz said.

Gabrilowitz said she enjoys working with the students and seeing the kids makes something that they are proud of. That is what drives her to teach.

She has been at the school for so long because she loves it so much. She worked at Narragansett Pier school but transitioned to the high school a few years after. She said she likes the high school more because the age level is better for her and she feels most comfortable with the older students.

“I love to do ceramics and I like to paint. My favorite art project here at Narragansett would be the pop-art project,” Gabrilowitz said.

Before working as an art teacher Gabrilowitz worked at a bank as a corporate trainer for 20 years and quit her job to pursue art. She subbed at many different schools for years before getting a permanent job at Narragansett.

Gabrilowitz said her favorite things to teach are ceramic project and the “pop-art” project with the students. She said she loves to see the ideas that the students come up with and how they approach the project in different ways.

“To be a teacher is my greatest work of art!” Gabrilowitz said.

She said art has been her favorite since she was a child. Gabrilowitz loves to teach it to kids and hope they love it as much as she does.