RIIL to allow coaches to coach out of season

RIIL to allow coaches to coach out of season


A new RIIL rule will allow high school coaches lets them coach a maximum of 3 athletes at a time for 3 hours a week during the off-season.

The new rule will be effective Fall of 2019.  The new rule is to allow students to seek informal extra help from coaches, in the same way teachers may provide extra help for a student academically.

“I don’t know if every coach can physically make the time to do it, also because they are doing it voluntarily,” Abby Hummel, assistant athletic director, said.  “So it’s going to be unpaid hours, they can use our facility and our equipment.”

Coaches may only participate voluntarily and without financial gain.  All instruction must be approved in advance by the school administration.

Instruction can not conflict with a student’s in-season sport schedule.  If a student plays another sport, they cannot opt out of practice for other instruction.

“I do think coaches will offer it a lot,” Hummel said.

RIIL said that the new rule is not intended to create an incentive for students to opt out of other sports to specialize in a single sport.

Leah Hart, sophomore, said she thinks her peers will definitely take the opportunity to make themselves better for the season.

The upcoming rule is going to allow students to get extra practice to better their skills.  The coaches will be able to help their athletes to be prepared for other seasons.