Eco club saving the world, one plastic bottle at a time



Every Tuesday, after school at 2 PM, a new club called the Eco Club meets in Mrs. Couchon’s room to discuss the ways NHS can improve its ecological impact.

Students conference and talk about all the ways that NHS can make a difference in its footprint on the Earth, and ideas that could be implemented at the school

“Eco Club is exciting and innovative thinking about the future and what we can do to help the school,” Shelby Lefoley, sophomore, said.

An initiative of the group is to collect data from the school to help make a difference around the community. They discuss everything from how the school can improve on recycling, to the effect of plastic water bottles.

Some of the data that they have collected has been on the number of plastic water bottles that the students have recycled. They also sent Google Forms to the teachers to keep count of the amount of plastic, reusable water bottles in the classrooms.

“A lot of people do not understand that recycling is really important in this school,’ Julia Highcove, sophomore, said. “If there is one mistake, such as throwing a yogurt container in the recycling, the whole thing has to go in the trash,” Julia Highcove, sophomore, said.

Recently, the Eco Club has been working on trying to get a grant from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to buy reusable water bottles for incoming freshman. The grant would be $2500 to help the Eco Club with this plan.

The reusable water bottles at the school would help to reduce the amount of plastic found in the trash cans around the school. A plastic reduction even at this level would contribute to the billions of plastic bottles littered all over the world.

“Eco Club is an opportunity to spread the word about how important the planet is, and try to make a difference within our school,” Highcove, said.

Eco Club provides the opportunity for students to contribute to both their community and the environment and are always looking for new members.