DiTusa puts down the Shakespeare and picks up the spatula



Within the walls of NHS there is a teacher known for her cooking and baking abilities, and it is not the culinary arts teacher.

Ms. DiTusa, English, often brings in home cooked meals and deserts for both the staff and the students, especially her freshman advisory.

“Oh goodness. I’d say it’s a tie between chicken parmesan and shepard pie” said Ms. DiTusa while answering a question on what her favorite thing to cook was.

The best and most often cooked items DiTusa has made for the school includes birthday cakes for advisory students and egg dishes, such as quiches. However she said her favorite thing she cooked for the school was lasagna.

Ms. DiTusa started cooking in her late twenties in order to catch up with her sister’s cooking skills. Although she wishes she learned to cook earlier in her life.

“I’m very good at what I know, but I don’t know a wide array of dishes” Ms. DiTusa said.

Outside of school DiTusa said she loves cooking any and all Italian food. DiTusa’s favorite italian meal to cook is lasagna. She is known to make an especially good meat sauce.

She cooked egg biscuits and rice pies for the May Faculty breakfast. This was the most recent thing she cooked and brought into the school.

“Yes, she is very nice and fun” Lily Santa, freshman, said. “We play games and do a lot of homework.”

Ms. DiTusa is loved by many and uses her cooking as a tool to bring her advisory together according the Lily. She tries to create a fun and welcoming environment for all.