Annual field trip canceled due to transportation issues

Increased freshmen class size leads to cancellation



The freshman class will not be attending the annual science trip to Block Island this June.

The decision was made by teachers in the science department that the trip should not be held. With only one bus to transport the students, the large size of the freshman class created a safety issue.

“I’m disappointed because it’s one of the highlights of the year,” Ms. Couchon, science, said.

Couchon said the Block Island trip has been a regular part of NHS for over 15 years. The trip has gradually become a way for students to see what they have learned over the year in action.

When the trip initially began, two busses were provided to bring the students around the island. Eventually, only one bus was supplied for the trip, and with class size increasing, the trip became more difficult.

“We kind of refer to it during the year as when we go to Block Island so that was kind of unfortunate to leave the kids in that way,” Couchon said.

Couchon said the trip had already become difficult, with the transportation of last year’s freshman class already hard enough. With so many students, the trip involved a lot of standing and waiting for transportation to arrive.

Couchon said the trip was a great way to finish off the school year and the science class. It ties in both the concepts taught as well as a fun experience for the students.

“I’m gonna miss that day” Kilian Oberheu, freshman, said. “Plus I’ve never been there so I wanted to go there.”

While the trip is a great experience, Couchon said there will be less content on the final exams. She said she hopes that there will be sufficient transportation next year to take its new freshmen class.