Captain Underpants: fun for the whole family

Captain Underpants: fun for the whole family


Have you ever read any of the comic book series Captain Underpants? Well, recently, a Captain Underpants movie came out.

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie features very entertaining scenes filled with humor for all ages. This movie is a great family watch will appeal to a wide audience.

The film is about two best friends named George Beard [Kevin Hart] and Harold Hutchins [Thomas Middleditch], who are the original creators of Captain Underpants. They are always pulling pranks on different individuals in the school.

The two’s pranks frequently get into trouble with their principal, the infamous Principal Krupp. Principal Krupp [Ed Helms] is a very cranky and ruthless character who is determined to catch them in the act of a prank.

George and Harold’s pranks eventually push Principal Krupp over the edge and they are to be up into separate classes. However, this all changes when George hypnotizes Principal Krupp and turns him into Captain Underpants himself.

This movie is a very humorous movie for all ages. The film has some hilarious scenes that would make any child laugh, as well as sarcastic humor and knocks on the public school system that are very witty.

The film also includes an interesting and captivating plot that will keep viewers entertained for the entirety of the film. There are multiple different conflicts throughout the movie.

Another great quality about the film is the amazing cast that voiced the characters in the film. The cast includes Kevin Hart, Nick Kroll and Professor Poopypants and Jordan Peele as Melvin.

However, the movie is a little bit inappropriate at times for younger audiences because of rude humor and violent references.

The movie is also a little short, and the end feels semi-rushed compared to the rest of the film. The director could have elaborated more in the resolution of the movie.

Overall, Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie is a great movie to watch with the whole family, and I would highly recommend it.