Summer reading overhaul gives voice and choice to students

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Summer reading overhaul gives voice and choice to students


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As school comes to an end, students at Narragansett High School will soon be starting summer reading unlike ever before.

For the first time in the school’s history, students who are in Honors, Non-Honors and AP English classes will have the option to read any piece of literature they choose. They are not required to complete any specific summer assignments.

“I think summer reading is helpful because it prepares you for the work that you are going to be having during the year,” Lily Santa, freshman, said.

Ms. Davia, English, said if students don’t read anything, they will not have preparation for fall. They may spend the first quarter recovering from a poor summer reading grade.

Students are required to read a least one fiction and one non-fiction piece of literature. There are no additional assignments that students have to complete with their selected titles. Students can select any type of literature ranging from graphic novels to magazine articles. 

“I think that the non honors kids should get to prepare also,” Santa said.

However, students enrolled in Honors and AP level courses are encouraged to read several titles recommended by the teachers.