FFA on their way to Washington County Fair

FFA on their way to Washington County Fair


The FFA will be going to the Washington County Fair August 14-18, to compete in Agricultural contests.

The FFA, which has been going to the fair since 1988, will compete in the landscape competition in order to qualify for the Big E in the fall.

“It’s an agricultural fair” Mr. Gathen, science, said. “There’s a bunch of competitions that the FFA does”

The fair which is located in Richmond holds many competitions that the FFA program competes in.

Among these competing are the Woodland, Floriculture, Informational, and Dairy cattle competitions that if won will enable the program to compete at the Big E, and then at the national level.

“That’s really what we’re trying to do, showcase what you’re doing, have fun at what you’re doing and open up opportunities to go” Mr. Breene, science, said.

Around 15-25 students from the FFA go to the fair to set-up and compete each day over the course of the five days.

The program has won first place in the landscape competition twice in the past, with students this year hoping to win once again this year to make it to the national level.

“I grew up at that fair” Mr. Breene said. I guess my favorite part is just seeing our students have success and the pride that they have, it’s really fun for me to see that”

The FFA has high hopes this summer in winning in various competitions that will enable them to go on and compete at the Big E later this fall.