Sophomores shape up for geometry final

Sophomores shape up for geometry final


Sophomores in the Geometry 10 Honors course prepared themselves for their final exam on Wednesday, June 12.

Students in the Geometry 10 Honors class took their exam on information they have learned throughout the second semester. This exam is worth 20 percent of the students’ semester grades.

“Well, this test is our final exam, so it’s worth 20 percent of the final semester grade, so it’s very important,” Aivan Durfee, sophomore, said.

The students have been gradually built on the skills necessary for the final exam. The class finished the conic sections unit, which involved studying circles, ellipses, parabolas, and hyperbolas.

In class, the students’ preparation involved organizing their binders and working on a review packet given by their teacher, Ms. Manchette, math. Durfee said the binders and packets were important resources to review over for the final.

“We slowly started to organize our binders, and our teacher has been handing out review packets, one at a time, to go through different units that we’ve been through to help us review on things that we’ve learned throughout the semester,” Durfee said.

Durfee said Geometry 10 Honors students reviewed over everything they have learned this semester. With the guidance of their teacher, Ms. Manchette, the students were prepared for their final on Wednesday.