Students release their semester project

Environmental science students release salmone into Wood River



Environmental science students went to Wood River to release salmon they raised in class.

Mr Zabel, science, along with 20 other students attended this trip. Mr. Zabel, who has been running this field trip for 15 years, said he wants the students to experience nature and how wonderful it really is, and releasing the salmon is an amazing experience.

“We released the salmon, and say goodbye to them, and then its kinda an exposure to the environment that the salmon live in,” Zabel said. “We go up and down the river and check out what the salmon are going to be living in, little lit of a team-building thing too.”

Mr. Zabel said, nature is amazing and that we can go out in it whenever we want. Going on this trip exposed students to the natural environment by releasing salmon that they had raised, back to their natural habitat.

Students had to canoe up and downstream as a part of the trip. Students were allowed to partner up in a canoe and paddle through the river after releasing their salmon. Students had to know how to ride up and downstream, so there were no accidents.

“It was a good time. Like releasing the salmon, because we got to watch the salmon grow and then releasing them so it was cool,” Wayne LaBore, junior, said.

Only one boat on the trip tipped over.  The boat had Owen McCadden, senior, and Mr.Gathen, science, in it.