Objection in the court

Mock trial’s run ends after brief return



Mock trial has been removed from the list of activities for the 2019-2020 school year.

After its initial return, the club will not continue due to the fact that it doesn’t quite relate to anything that is done in class, and the three meets were to spread out throughout the year.

“We didn’t have a good year overall, we only went to one of the three trials,” Schroeter, social studies, said.

Mr. Schroeter ran the Mock Trial. He said there is a fake case that must be read, the students must formulate arguments to create a fake trial.

The trials aren’t about being legally correct, or somebody being innocent or guilty. It’s really about the preparation and the performance.  

“It’s all kids so its play acting, it’s a little bit of debate, it’s a little bit of roleplaying/ theater, then it’s like a logical puzzle you must prepare for,” Schroeter, said.

Mock trial is a good way for the students to be able to experience how court goes. They are able to get a feel for what could be their future occupation.  

Despite only lasting a school year, Schroeter said mock trial provided an alternative to sports and other activities that are currently offered.