NHS athletics continue to thrive despite shrinking budget



Narragansett High School  the smallest school in the state of Rhode Island. Yet as a school Narragansett continues  to thrive athletically.

Throughout the past four years NHS has collected numerous division, individual, and state Championships. None more impressive than Michaela Degnan, senior, domination in swimming.

Degnan has the 100yd backstroke and the 100yd butterfly four years in a row. Not even the Rhode Island native, Elizabeth Beisel, Olympian, accomplished this feat.

The Mariners’ team sports have shown that they are champion contenders as well. The boys basketball team won the Division II championship last year.

This season the girls co-op hockey team clinched their first state championship adding to NHS’s already impressive title collection.  

This success has been made more impressive with the current state of the athletic budget. Although the athletic program has seen budget cuts as of late, the decrease in funding has not effect the athletic teams ability to thrive.  

Due to the Mariners rich athletic past, an abundance of  equipment has piled up which means NHS athletics will be able to accommodate all incoming athletes.

Also since the budget has been cut, there has been an uptick in fundraising and outside donations in order to tackle some of the rising costs.

Dick Fossa, athletic director, said there have been some cuts to the athletic budget, however this decrease will not result in the loss of athletics teams.  

Although budgets have decreased NHS and been graced with two state of the art sports facilities in the last four years. The Mariners have been able to acquire these facilities by outside fund raising and a generous amount of taxpayer donations.

First was the renovation to the gym. Along with new bleaches and equipment for both basketball and volleyball, NHS has seen the installation of its first hardwood court. A great improvement over the old multipurpose floor.

The Mariners unveiled the highly anticipated Zepp Field sports complex earlier this year. The complex is athlete friendly being able to host six different sports teams this school year.  
With the introduction of the new complex, NHS athletics have seen a rise in student participation. This increase in participation stages a bright future for NHS athletics moving forward.