The opportunities from college scholarships



At NHS, seniors are granted with the opportunity of relieving some of the expensive cost of college; scholarships.

For many high school seniors, graduation is nearing, which means making a expensive decision for college. The price of college is extremely high, depending on the college. Fortunately, there is an opportunity for scholarships given to students.

“In some ways, it [scholarships] helps build confidence in students that have worked hard. It is kind of like the fruit of their labor, ” Ms. Afonso, guidance, said.

Scholarships are given to help relieve some of the economical struggle students and their parents have. The Scholarships can even be full rides if the student achieves it.

There are many different ways that students can gain access to scholarship opportunities. Especially at the NHS, the guidance department makes certain that the college scholarship list is constantly being updated, so that students are informed.

“They usually always tell us if there’s any opportunities available,” Taylor Flint, senior, said.

The guidance department has a list of the scholarships on the school website, making it that much easier for students to access. Most of the scholarships on the list local scholarships, and are intended for Narragansett seniors to apply to.

While a large majority of the college scholarships are based off academic achievements, students can also get scholarships because of athletic achievements, community service, SAT scores, economic need, and leadership through student government and community.

“If you take advantage of some of those (scholarships), I’ve had kids before that racked up $10,000 worth of scholarship money,” Afonso said.

Even though the scholarships are a beneficial opportunity offered at NHS, some kids do not take full advantage of this opportunity. A scholarship that may apply to a student, would go unapplied, and in a way wasted.

Some students do not complete the application for the scholarship due to not wanting to write an essay and/or feeling financially ready for college. Aside from these people, a small majority of students take full advantage of the scholarships.

The scholarship opportunity Narragansett, stands to help students financially on their way to pave the path for their future.